Insider Einblicke ins Land, wo die Zitronen blühen

Knowest thou where the lemon blossom grows

Knowest thou where the lemon blossom grows, In foliage dark the orange golden glows, A gentle breeze blows from the azure sky, Still stands the myrtle, and the laurel, high? Dost know it well? ‘Tis there! ‘Tis there Would I with thee, oh my beloved, fare.

Artists, writers, mannequins, but also many common citizens, might have dreamed at least once in their life to settle down south of the Alps. A mild clima, a warm sea, a good kitchen , the dolce vita, over 70 % of the European cultural inheritage …  this dream has many sources. l.o. bimini – art of travel  attends to this dream and has a closer look at it with an English or American citizen who have chosen Italy as their new home.

The Program includes:
Arrival usually on saturday noon. Lunch optional.  At 3 p.m. guided city tour of 2-3 hours 15 Uhr. At 8 p.m. dinner of about three ours with an english or american who will talk about their everyday life in Italy.
More information on request. Dates and destinations (all Italian cities are possible) are open, Price according to group size.