About us

About us

l.o. bimini – art of travel  organizes travels to Bella Italia (as well as to Slovenia and Croatia) for more than ten years by now.  With our  net of highly qualified touristic guides and excellent contacts in all Italian regions l.o. bimini is a reliable partner for agencies all over the world. We are specialized in group travels, but we will organize with pleasure also a journey for you personally or for your club, association or company.

Our CEO, Jens Reuschel (in insider circles also known as “Cicerone). After 8 years on the balcans  and almost 25 years in Italy he boldly manages all kind of adventures. On the base of his self-praised knowledges of different languages  – above all German, but allegedly also English, Italian and Serbocroatian – he is convinced to cut everywhere a nice figure. You might find out by yourself because he hopefully he will actively participate  and lead  the programmes of fun biking.

Tiziana Santoro. After 25 years of experience with a big Italian touroperator she joined us more than 8 years ago. As travelplanner and counselor she does great work and can boast an excellent talent for orsanisation. The only flaw: she could not show off her supposedly excellent knowledge  of the Spanish language, because unfortunately we did not have till now any Spanish speaking clients.

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