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Site notice

Responsable for the content of  these internet site:

L.O. Bimini, Reisekunst, turizem in storitve d.o.o.
Verdijeva Ulica 1
6000 Koper / Slovenija
Ust.-IdNr. SI 20801645
All travel texts: Jens Reuschel

Italy actual:  Peter Weber

What the boss is thinking: Jens Reuschel

Unpossible journeys: Horst Lührung

Graphics and webdesign: l.o. bimini – reisekunst

All fotos: Jens Reuschel, Horst Lühring

All Grafics, pictures  and texts can be saved for private purposes only. Official publishing only with our approval.  We are not responsable for  external links and the exactness of our all our data.

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