Mein Guru hat wieder ins Volle getroffen

Mein Guru hat wieder ins Volle getroffen

Mein Guru Ranko Bon, also der mit dem weltältesten Blog von 39 Jahren (!), hat wieder mal ins Volle getroffen.
Mit zwei Einträgen, die es in sich haben. Am 14. Januar 2015 erklärt er in genau 18 (achtzehn) Zeilen die Funktionsweise des Kapitalismus. Kürzer geht es nicht.

TIP OF THE ICEBERG (January 14, 2015)

The chief problem with Marx and his followers is that capitalists who employ others are but the tip of the proverbial iceberg. Everyone else in the capitalist system strives for that tip. The classes are but strata of society established by competition for wealth in all of its forms among all members of society, some of whom end up at the bottom of the iceberg. Although the competition is far from treating everyone equally, for there are wide differences both in ability and endowment among members of society, the tip is open to all. The competition continues even between the capitalists themselves, a few of whom end up at the very top of the tip while some of them sink below it, whereupon they become employees in turn. The only exceptions are monks and hermits of many different faiths, who keep out of the competition for a variety of reasons. They represent only a tiny portion of humanity, though. Everyone else is a capitalist at heart, but fortune favors only a few. As the capitalist system develops, the inequality between members of society increases. The iceberg becomes ever more pointed, which makes the competition among all members of society ever fiercer. The only way out of capitalism is by evolution of the human species past striving for wealth. Otherwise, revolutions will always end up by returning to the capitalist system in one of its guises. Capitalism explained at long last.

Und am 16. Januar kommentiert er einen Zeitungsartikel, wonach das menschliche Wirken mit der technischen „Revolution“ in der Landwirtschaft, in den letzten 60 Jahren die Umwelt stärker beeinflusst und belastet hat als 10000 Jahre zuvor.
Die Folgen: Unfruchtbarkeit der Felder, Verschmutzung der Umwelt und aller Gewässer und der offenbar schon nicht mehr aufhaltbare Klimawechsel, der unvorstellbare Katastrophen zur Folge haben wird. Und aus heiterem Himmel fühlt er sich schuldig, denn es ist eben seine Generation, die all dies verursacht hat. „My fucking generation“. Und leider auch meine, wie ich schuldbewusst hinzufügen muss.

MY FUCKING GENERATION (January 16, 2015)

I just glanced through a newspaper article about recent research concerning global environmental degradation that is now putting life on earth at risk. In addition to climate change, there is a loss of biosphere integrity, soil degradation due to pesticides and herbicides, and dangerously high levels of fertilizers in the oceans. What struck me most in the article was that the researchers had found that changes of the last sixty years were unprecedented in the previous ten-thousand years. The article does not mention it, but the so-called agricultural revolution had started around that time with quite an impact on the environment. At any rate, I was struck by the fact that the degradation the research addressed had taken place during my own lifetime. Out of the blue, I started feeling guilty. The babyboomers are behind the horror without any doubt. My fucking generation. We are all witnesses to our collective stupidity regarding our environment. And putting life on earth at risk is the size of that stupidity.

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